Face up to the figures

Getting to grips with the figures in your business is essential. And this is true whether the economy is in boom time or gloom time. If your eyes glaze over at the mention debtors and creditors. If you panic thinking about net profit or cash. Then it’s more important than ever to face up to …

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Business metrics

The value of Picasso’s napkin

If you don’t value what you do then your prospects won’t either! Do you ever undervalue what your business does? This is probably because it’s familiar, you believe it’s simple or easy. The reality, more often, is that you’ve acquired the right skills, knowledge and expertise to make it seem simple or easy. This leads to either …

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Do you want to make more money?

If you want more money from your business, let’s take a look at your operational efficiency – have we lost you already? Stick with us – typically this is an area that provides more opportunity for profit growth than pretty much any new marketing campaign can ever hope to achieve… Especially in a small company …

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Discover your critical non-essentials

Several years ago, a leading pub group that I worked for commissioned some really good research to look at what encouraged and discouraged customers to or from their premises. They divided their findings under the headings of ‘Quality Enhancers’ and ‘Quality Destroyers’.  They identified enhancers such as: the faint aroma of an open coal or …

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Paddi Lund - Critical Non-essentials

Leadership in tough times

As the unsettling and confusing political news continues and some markets begin to stagnate and others become ever more volatile, we need to be careful that the tidal wave of negativity that threatens to drown us all, doesn’t. It’s also important to be mindful that your employees might be getting a bit nervous about the …

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