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Discover Your Narrow Edge

How unremarkable actions executed with remarkable consistency will deliver remarkable results… It’s sometimes tempting to think that you can save time and cut corners in your business. This is done with good intentions in the belief that you’ll have time to “start doing thing properly” later when the business grows. Or perhaps when things improve …

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Business growth through small improvements

Advice for these uncertain times

According to an online survey of more than 1,000 businesses, almost three-quarters said they expect their revenues to reduce by more than 50% as a result of COVID-19 disruption. A further one in five expect a reduction of more than 20%.  [1] Wow – those numbers are pretty scary. And I guess, if you clicked …

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‘Business as usual’ just isn’t good enough – we have to think differently…

This is a blog that we posted a few years ago during some blizzards. At the time, many businesses felt worried about the disruption caused and this story proved helpful. Quite clearly, this is significantly more concerning than seasonal blizzards. But it might just help to highlight how we need to think differently and inspire …

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Snow shovels

A new year message 2020

Was it a symphony or an ear-jarring cacophony? Well, I hope that went well and you’re all rested and recharged and ready to pick up where you left off last decade… I thought it would be helpful to let you know, before we take this fully public, about a key new programme that’s launching this …

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Zimmer vs Williams

Is your glass half full?

It’s a corny, familiar question used to describe people’s natural disposition. How you view your surroundings. Your attitude to the challenges and opportunities facing your business. And how you communicate these views to others. These all have a huge effect on how you’re viewed and can also influence how things work out. People often ask …

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Do you want to make more money?

If you want more money from your business, let’s take a look at your operational efficiency – have we lost you already? Stick with us – typically this is an area that provides more opportunity for profit growth than pretty much any new marketing campaign can ever hope to achieve… Especially in a small company …

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Business Chimp or Business Champ?

Discover the DNA of profitability for your business Are you like most business owners – do you believe you need to take dramatic steps to improve the profitability of your business? You may believe, for example, that if you want to double your profits, you need to double your sales or halve your costs; you may …

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Business chimp or business champ

Imagine a game with no goals!

Whatever your sport (in fact, even if you aren’t a sports fan, you’ll appreciate the analogy), have you ever stoped to imagine how futile the whole thing would be if, say, a rugby match had no way of scoring points, or nobody timed a marathon and there was no finish line… Sports people and teams …

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Sport with no goals

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