Imagine a game with no goals!

Whatever your sport (in fact, even if you aren’t a sports fan, you’ll appreciate the analogy), have you ever stoped to imagine how futile the whole thing would be if, say, a rugby match had no way of scoring points, or nobody timed a marathon and there was no finish line… Sports people and teams …

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Sport with no goals

Discover your critical non-essentials

Several years ago, a leading pub group that I worked for commissioned some really good research to look at what encouraged and discouraged customers to or from their premises. They divided their findings under the headings of ‘Quality Enhancers’ and ‘Quality Destroyers’.  They identified enhancers such as: the faint aroma of an open coal or …

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Paddi Lund - Critical Non-essentials

The law of ridiculous opposites

In business we’re always looking to win the hearts and minds of prospects to help us sustain growth and realise our dreams, our ambitions.  To achieve this, we can’t afford to be shy and we need to be prepared to confidently ‘set our stall out’ to attract new customers. It’s amazing though how often this …

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The law of ridiculous opposites

Why do people buy?

To understand this we also need to understand why they stop buying! One of the important lessons we have learned from past periods of political uncertainty is that we must continue to market and sell regardless of what is happening around us. Those that market; gain and retain customers.  I recently heard someone say, “to stop …

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Sales and marketing

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