How can I most effectively grow my sales?

One of the questions we frequently get asked is ‘how can I most effectively grow my sales?’

If this is a question that you struggle with, then why not take a few minutes to to consider these 9 steps to help you develop your marketing plan…

Many business owners that we have talked to recently are more watchful of their bottom line than they might be in more stable times and this is perfectly natural.

Whatever you do though – do NOT stop spending.

Sure, it’s wise to cut back on unnecessary expenditure. That’s just good sense. But what takes determination is to increase your best returning marketing investments. And what holds most back is lack of confidence based on two things:

  1. Lack of a clear plan
  2. Absence of good data. 
There’s a universal truth ‘the better the information, the better the decisions…’

This is where your marketing plan comes in. If you want real clarity and confidence, follow these steps:

  • Fully understand your market place and where you sit within it in relation to your competitors
  • Know your clients – don’t forget the old ‘80:20’ rule. 20% of them will give you 80% of your profits
  • Be clear in your own mind about what makes you different – what is your USP?
  • Create a strong brand –to understand how this works for a small business, it is often helpful to drop the word ‘brand’ and use ‘reputation’ instead –what you want your business to be known for…
  • Identify all effective sources of new business and rank them in terms of quantity, quality and cost
  • Develop your marketing plan to include a budget and a calendar of activity
  • Prepare strategies for each of the sources in which you are investing and execute the plan with energy
  • Measure your return against the plan and make ongoing improvements
  • Finally – try not to be smug when you watch your competitors struggle and become victims of their own uncertainty whilst you do better than ever
Someone once said that there are 3 kinds of people: 
  • Some have things happen to them 
  • Others wonder why things happen and 
  • Whilst there are those that make things happen
Which are you?

Has this article got you thinking about your business and how you want to grab the reins and drive it forward but you struggle to find the time or feel that you lack the skills or knowledge to do so?

Are you looking at your screen wondering how or if Good2Great could possibly help you to build a better future for you and your company?

If so, why not check out free ways to learn more either in the fun but growth focussed ‘Friday Hub Zoom Room‘ or let’s meet and chat about your business – it’s our passion after all! Just click this link, it will show you availability in my calendar – just grab a slot that suits you and it will automatically set up and schedule a Zoom meeting and send all the necessary invitations to calendars and email…

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