Seven easy ways to destroy your productivity

As your company searches for new ways to boost productivity and increase sales, it’s important to be aware how your plans can be thwarted.

By now, if you’re following our advice, and begun to take notice of our rallying call to action, your business should be growing nicely…

But if you’re not, I thought it would be fun to turn things on their head a bit, and take a light-hearted look at sure fire ways to make sure you continue to avoid success!

Your checklist for assured failure:

It may turn out that your everyday work habits may actually be standing in the way of your success. If you want to know how to kill your productivity read on and do these eight things:

  1. Check your email every two minutes. This is the BEST way to get distracted by the unimportant ‘noise’ of life. Research shows 90% of them are a waste of time.
  2. Similarly, make sure you are constantly engaged on all your social media platforms. FOMO can really help you stay on top of this failure strategy.
  3. Keep your desk cluttered. Just to make sure it takes time to find things – also known to cause stress.
  4. Be as un-ergonomical as possible. A cheap chair and poor stature will help your body to ache and feel fatigued.
  5. Make sure to multi-task. It really keeps your blood pressure up, and makes your focus nice and diluted.
  6. Set reminders for absolutely everything. A great distraction from the task in hand. Also helps with the feeling of being overwhelmed and helps maintain a constant sense of failure.
  7. Allow others to bug you. An open door policy is just a great way to make sure you remain as unproductive as possible. Encourage people drop in with trivial news and requests.
  8. Create an impossibly long to-do list. To make sure you remain stressed all day, set yourself the impossible and the unachievable.
Its simple - as we regularly say at Good2Great - “Do less, better”

What Next:

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