Start Up Boot Camp

Start-up Bootcamps

The knowledge and confidence you need to start your new business

One-stop-shop for you to get your new venture off the ground…

All this, packed into one morning

  1. How successful business owners behave to thrive and avoid failure

  2. How to realistically evaluate your market

  3. Learn from other start-ups and how they did it

  1. Specialists in helping start up businesses

  2. Finance, legal, branding, design, web, premises, social media, product design and more…

  3. Chat through your ideas 

  1. What help is available and how do you access it?

  2. Create a budget for the time and money you will need to invest

  3. Take action and turn your dream into reality

Bookings for the next Boot Camp close in:


Next Boot Camp Thursday 9th January 2020

Super accessible price of just


[including VAT]

The Good2Great Start Up Boot Camps are delivered in various locations so there will be an event near to you

If you have a burning desire to be the master of your own destiny and take control of your life and your career, then joining us is a great place to start

  • Join a cohort of over 1000 people who have been exactly where you are now

  • They’ve worked with Good2Great to follow tried and tested steps to create a profitable and sustainable business

  • Identify a unique position in the market -answer these 3 key questions:
    -Who are my customers?
    -What do I do for them?
    -How do I make money?

  • Structure your business correctly from the start so you can grow with confidence and know when you need to make certain legal and financial decisions

  • Understand some of the pitfalls and how to avoid failure

  • Build a support network of people who want to see your business flourish – there are experts on hand with the specialist knowledge you need

Check venues and times here:

9th Jan 
(9:30am to 1:30pm)

Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology
Building 10,
Stanmore Industrial Estate,
WV15 5HP

Super accessible price of just


[including VAT]

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