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Do you have what it takes to start and be successful in your new business?
This light-hearted guide takes you through the five essential attitudes for success…
You’ll be pleasantly surprised


So many people rush into business providing a service or a product that nobody wants!
Learn the basics of how to do your market homework by following these five tips so you can press on with confidence


These two short videos give you an insight into how to form your business and how to finance it…
It’s important to get on with the job in hand and not get dragged down by bureaucracy, confusion or procrastination.
That said – it’s also important that you do your research and planning properly too.
These guides will give you a good kickstarter to think about how to get your new venture off the ground.
If you are keen to explore the idea further – keep an eye out for the Good2Great Start-Up Bootcamps – high energy and informative half-day events to help you take the next step towards realising your dream of starting your own business.
Intellectual property

Additional bonus guide…

How unique is your idea? Should you protect it with patents, trademarks or copyright..? This short video will give you a clear idea of the action you should take…

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