Monthly step-by-step review process to ensure you reach your goals

Step back every month - reflect - recharge - go again - enjoy life as your business grows

  • What many business owners discover whilst plotting their route to business success is that they struggle to stay on track

  • Constant distractions and pressures from staff, customers and suppliers pull them in all directions and their goals start to become elusive as they drift into the hum-drum of mediocrity

  • If you recognise this danger – there is good news…

  • The Monthly Goal Tracker programme provides you with a feedback system.

  • Your dedicated coach will be your sounding board to ensure you are able to build and maintain momentum

  • Use proven tools and systems to unlock potential as your business grows

  • Address challenges as they arise and grasp opportunities before they slip through your fingers

Super accessible price from as little as


per month

  • You’re never alone on the Goal Tracker Programme

  • Your ’emergency cuppa’ means you can address crises as or if they arise

  • Fix problems immediately so you can concentrate on what is really important

How it works:

First of the month

Your goal report

You receive a link to report on your progress last month:

Sales, profit, cash
Key challenges
Significant opportunities

First of the month

By the 7th of the month

share your kpi’s and rate your progress

During the first week of the month, you complete the goal report (this takes just a few minutes)
Then rate your progress with a traffic light system
And click send

Just doing this step puts you well above the low water mark in terms of business owners!

By the 7th of the month

Set day each month

1-hour Skype Call

Check actions from previous month
Review Goal Tracker report
Review progress with your coach and next steps
Receive guidance from your coach
Agree & confirm targets
[Phone or Skype is optional]

Set day each month

Straight after the call


Your coach confirms everything you’ve agreed
You receive a recording of the meeting to check back against 

Straight after the call

Repeat next month

See your business grow

Track performance
Achieve targets
Overcome challenges & seize opportunities

Realise your business dreams
Repeat next month

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