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Are you ready to access loans, grants, venture capital and angel investment?

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The Good2Great Investment Kick Starter Programme is designed to help ambitious business owners to access the financial resources and support they need to achieve their growth ambitions.

Too often, companies seeking finance simply aren’t investible. 

We can start working together as soon as you are ready – no waiting around

10 minute application process – 48 hour acceptance process

Local support – on your doorstep – all sectors supported

Build a support network of the right professionals

Meet the right investors and funders

Team up with the right mentors and industry contacts

Follow a three stage process

  1. Asses your skills and improve the health of your business

  2. Create an investible business proposition

  3. We’re in your corner throughout the growth journey

Legals, tax plans, grant applications, debt finance, venture capital funds
Agreed milestones and staged investments

Success rewarded from the start with planned returns for entrepreneur

Accommodation based in local towns

Tech connected with regular networking

Peer support and founders network to advise and recruit

  • This programme starts by addressing your business structures, systems and processes to ensure all the key drivers and governance that make your business valuable instill confidence from funders

  • We then help you to present why you have a unique position in the market by answering the 3 key questions:
    -Who are your customers?
    -What do you do for them?
    -How do you make money?

  • You will then sharpen up your business plan so you can present key milestones for growth and how new money will assist your company to achieve them

  • One of the key elements that engenders confidence from funders is a clear and credible plan of how you will deliver a return to the funder – every source of finance has different requirements and this will often determine the sources of finance you use

  • If your business now attracts the attention of a funder – you will be assisted in preparing the deal and we will establish a working pattern to work alongside you to improve your chances of success

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