Smarter Growth Programme
Proven processes | Analyse every aspect of your business | Asses your options | Create a plan for growth | Track your progress each month | Feel your business grow

Practical growth programme

  • Your coach will complete a detailed analysis of your business so you all understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual area
  • They will then run a series of ‘what-if’ scenarios to assess your readiness and ability to grow and clearly define short and medium term goals
  • From here, you will work together to prepare a strategic plan for your business using the Smarter Growth Planning tools to ensure efficient implementation of the plan to reach agreed milestones 
  • Your coach will work with you using the ‘Goal Tracker’ programme for as long as you need them to ensure you make constant progress and address problems as they arise.
  • You’re never alone on the Goal Tracker Programme
  • Your ‘emergency cuppa‘ means you can address crises as or if they arise
  • Fix problems immediately so you can concentrate on what is really important