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PODCAST: Scott Brown – How To Grow Your Business By Tendering For Bigger Jobs

On this episode of the Saturday Strategy Podcast:

In this episode, host Johnny Themans welcomes guest Scott Brown, CEO of EiB Group Ltd., to discuss bidding for large contracts and the main opportunities they provide for SME’s.  He explains that SME’s don’t exploit these opportunities as they could because they usually don’t understand this process or how to find those opportunities and they’re not prepared in advance. For business owners who are focused on growth, you’ll want to give this episode a listen to learn important information on the range of size of contracts, examples of types of contracts that are available to you, and the risks to be aware of. He also divulges helpful tips to help you along the way in the bidding process. “The worst position to be in is finding a procurement opportunity at the point that it’s published… The best thing is to be looking at procurement portals and understanding that something’s going to come to market in a month’s time, two months’ time, three months’ time…”–  Scott Brown Recognise the opportunities that are out there and reach out to EiB for support in growing your business! Tune in next week for another episode of Saturday Strategy. “Answer the question that you’re asked, not the question that you wanted to be asked.”–  Scott Brown

About our Guest:

Scott Brown is the CEO of EiB (Excellence in Business) Group Ltd., which is a group of companies that includes EiB Professional Services Ltd; Preferred Bid Writers Ltd; and Excellence in Business Ltd.  The group specialises in supporting clients with strategic work winning and implementing new collaborative delivery models. Scott is a visible, highly energetic leader who is passionate about building high performing teams. He enjoys growing profitable businesses through employing and working with exceptionally talented people.  Success for him is a motivated and inspired team with happy customers built on long-term relationships, innovative solutions and excellent service delivery.

You can contact Scott on:

Connect with him on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/scott-brown-65006516Visit his website: www.eibps.co.uk

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