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Unlock your business potential.

The Good2Great Accelerated Business Coaching Programme is carefully designed to guide the business owner through a step by step process to identify the key growth objectives for their business and to lay out a clear strategic plan for their achievement.

Together with Good2Great you work across all areas of the business creating deliberate and systematic strategic changes to deliver results against predetermined goals. We use proven systems and analysis tools to determine your strategic options. and then map out your plan so that, with the support of your business coach, you can implement for success.

  • Analysis
  • Strategic Choice
  • Implement
  • Accelerated Growth

What you will cover in more detail...

  • This starts with a 150-point detailed Success Planning Process Appraisal of all areas of business with a rating for each. These scores are analysed and reported with traffic light indicators to help prioritise.
  • The financial health of the business is also analysed and assessed in terms of potential and readiness for growth. This is done using the Good2Great Sales & Cash Growth System.
  • The owner(s) forms such a critical component of an owner managed business. DiSC Behaviour Analysis of their preferred behaviour gives valuable insight into how to best develop their leadership capability to ensure change happens well.

Create the plan and set the goals for growth that are realistic and achievable and that meet the expectations of the owner.

Proven models are employed to help make this clear – a SmarterGrowth Plan is completed to address the 10 key challenge areas for growth.

Add the detail as to how the goals will be achieved and also by when and at what cost…

The Good2Great toolkit has trackers and dashboard tools to ensure the owners have the best opportunity to reap the rewards of their actions quickly.

Prioritise the strategies and putting them into place so they start working straight away and so that each complements the next.

Evaluate and prioritise according to potential returns and lead-times. Identify risks and build in mitigation steps – no plan is without risk

This is all captured in the ‘Opportunity Log’ which will set milestones with a clear statement of ‘what good looks like’ and allocate resources so that you reach your goals within the timeframes you set

You will meet regularly with your advisor for an agreed period of time.

You will work together to track results and key performance indicators so you can review how your business has changed so far and what you intend to do next.

You will go through the key actions from of the previous meeting, review strategic changes made and make sure they are all knitted together in your business in a way that works for you and helps you to continue your journey towards realising your business dreams.

Why Good2Great?

  • Proven analysis tools developed over 12 years with over 1000 customers
  • Highly time efficient – uncover the challenges and opportunities quickly and start making changes that matter
  • Guaranteed return on investment – friendly working methods with no tie-ins or lengthy contracts
  • Great team of advisors – only people with experience of running their own company can be a Good2Great advisor


“The support provided, helped me to focus my thinking on my future strategy and plan of action in a way I hadn't before, and I now know where I'm heading and how. The knock-on effect of having been through the programme has been evident in my increased profits this year to date, when compared to last year."

Darren Hodson | DJH (Bridgnorth) Consultancy

“Although we’ve expanded, I have found it very difficult to take the next step in order to continue to grow the business. It’s been highly beneficial to review the different aspects of my firm with Good23Great and identify the right points of focus in order to improve, in particular, our recruitment process.”

Paul Madeley | Madeleys Chartered Surveyors

“The structured programme enabled me to identify our strengths and develop an understanding of what we need to focus on to improve. As a result, we implemented development programmes, procedures and processes which will benefit us over the short & medium term. I like the way Good2Great work. It’s all about straightforward advice without the ‘corporate speak’”

Nigel West | Fiveways Insurance

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