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Time and money and knowhow are your most precious of resources… Often, though, for many business owners, one or all are in short supply.

Our purpose is to help you create more of all three to provide you with choices for your business and your life.

We started Good2Great in 2007 to dramatically improve the fortunes of owner operated businesses in Shropshire and neighbouring counties.

Since then we’ve developed our systems and customer base and now provide regular support to thousands of businesses across the UK.

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Ben Mescam
Ben Mescam
I recently took part in the Start-Up Masterclass run by Good2Great. As a new business owner I have learnt so much from this 8 week programme about the things I should be spending my time and energy on. It has provided me with a useful toolkit to use as I grow my business over the coming months as well as a support network of entrepreneurs who are launching their businesses at the same time. This has been a great investment in myself and my business and one that I will be recommending to others. Thanks Johnny and Sally.
Sarah Isaacs
Sarah Isaacs
Anyone starting a business should sign up with Good2Great. Not only do you have support, advice and guidance but you get to meet other like -minded people too. Good2Great know their stuff and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of going into business to contact them. You won't regret it.
Carole Canning
Carole Canning
The Good 2 Great team have given me so much knowledge, having taken their 8 week Start Up Masterclass I have lots of tools to move my business forward and knowing that Johnny and Sally will always be there to help. They have so many different aspects to the business, seminars, mentoring and a really great networking group the support and encouragement is 5 star! Highly recommend any business to come along and find out.
Wild Edric Media
Wild Edric Media
Great online business sessions run by Johnny and the team, really worthwhile for SME's like ourselves. Cheers guys!
Lajina Masala
Lajina Masala
Friday Zoom Room Shropshire Business is a great space to learn, network and grow your business. Thanks for the super warm welcome.

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Good2Great coaching

Four coaching promises...

When undertaking a Good2Great coaching programme, our first promise is that within the first three meetings, you’ll have clearly identified how you can at least cover the fees you are paying. 

The proven tools and methodologies adopted in the Good2Great coaching programmes mean we quickly complete a thorough base-line analysis of all aspects of your business. 

This gives us the ability to identify the opportunities available to you so you can, in the first instance, make your Good2Great journey cost neutral. In the unlikely event that we are unable to achieve this, your fees will be waived. It’s a really straight forward promise…

But in reality, nobody wants that. You want to realise your business dreams and ambitions. That means setting out the clear path to sustainable profitable growth. A destination that puts you in control of how you spend your time and money with the people you love doing the things that matter.

The proprietary systems, tools and programmes we have developed since we started in 2007, have been tested over and over again. In fact, we’ve worked with over 1000 clients to build the programme that is going to revolutionise your life.

Our second promise is that your coach will use our proven tools and systems and tailor them to deliver a truly bespoke series of strategies and tactical implementation plans. You are unique, your business is unique and your growth programme will be unique.

Our relationship with you is such that we will not allow you to fail. Our third promise is honesty and commitment to your success.

“It’s your dream, but it’s our job to do everything to get you there…”

Your coach is your ‘unreasonable friend’ and this means that you will always get the truth about you and your business. This forthright approach is essential so you can have confidence in the advice and guidance you receive.

Discretion is our fourth promise. You will be assured of complete confidentiality. We are the most discrete people we know! This means that your coach will know and understand every aspect of your business. Only then can they have a full appreciation of your challenges and opportunities and help you to identify your dreams and plot the route for your journey.

How and why to choose a business coach

If you have never considered business coaching before, then why not take a few moments to read our blog on how and why to choose a business coach:

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