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How To Articulate The Vision For Your Business

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
[Simon Sinek]

In this article, we’re going to reflect on what we want to achieve in our business and why we want our business to exist. This article will shed light on the core values and the “why” behind your business venture, helping you to get a clear vision on what goals you desire to set and accomplish this year and beyond.

Being a business owner isn’t just about making money, it’s about being of service to people and providing value to their lives.

Without real purpose, it’s difficult to win the confidence of your potential and existing customers, staff and suppliers, making it unlikely that you can be successful in your business ventures, especially in a long-term, sustainable way. By contrast, when you have a clear purpose and vision and you’ve established what your core values are, your business becomes easier to understand and the people exposed to it can buy in to what you’re doing with more ease.

Why should your customers buy from you rather than from someone else? In business, particularly in small business, personality has a lot to do with this discernment. Are you being authentic and expressing the mission of your company in honest ways that invite connection between you and your audience?

This phase of articulation is about asking questions

To illustrate the importance of your “why” and even the amount of businesses that focus on their why, Simon Sinek drew a simple set of circles (shown below and in the video) with “why” being in the centre.

It’s crucial to think and talk about your “why” first, then explain how you plan to accomplish your “why”, then break down what you will do to execute that plan. Not many businesses do this successfully. To stand out and truly articulate your vision to hook your audience, work from the inside of the circle outwards, not from the outside inwards.

As an example, we have written down our “why”, “how”, and “what” for you to get a better understanding of expressing these effectively.

Think about your “why” and write down a statement that expresses that. Read it out loud to yourself and to a friend or colleague. Is it truthful? Is it captivating? Does it get to the core of your mission and vision?

Once you’re your “why” and your core values have been defined, your vision will be clear as day. Use this articulation practice anytime you’re having difficulty making decisions or figuring out how or where to pivot your business. Not sure what your goals should be moving forward? Come back to your “why”! It is the heart of your company. Without it beating strongly for everyone to hear, you might as well be dust in the wind.

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