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How To Overcome The Procrastination Habit

Business owners and entrepreneurs are often looked at as being incredibly driven, goal-oriented, and hardworking… which we are! Though, we all have weaknesses and tasks that we just don’t like to do. We all have tasks or projects that we tend to procrastinate on doing or habits hold us back from making progress. The good news is, procrastination can be easier to manage and avoid if we know what exactly it is. In this article, you’ll learn what procrastination is, which of the four types of procrastinators you are, and how to change your mindset and start working towards your goals.

So, what is procrastination?

Procrastination is an avoidance habit

People often talk about breaking bad habits, but that’s often the first mistake because it’s impossible to do. If a habit is broken, it’s taken away, so something must fill that void. Thus, rather than breaking habits, we replace habits. Sometimes we replace good habits with unhelpful habits, but our goal should be to replace unhelpful habits with good habits.

Just like when making strides to live a healthier life, you swap out sugary snacks with fruit, you want to swap out actions that hold you and your business back with actions that will launch you forward. This is a deliberate, conscious decision you must make with your end goal(s) in mind.


What are your procrastination habits? Write down what you’re really good at procrastinating about.

Before replacing our bad habits with better ones, we need to understand them.

You can be forgiven for thinking that procrastinators are all the same. There are actually FOUR key different types of procrastinators…

  1. High Performers
  2. Over-workers
  3. Over-optimists
  4. Jackdaws

If you want to start to create solutions to your procrastination habit, you first need to understand it.



See if you can identify what kind(s) of procrastinator are you are? What techniques can you use to mitigate your procrastination?


Whether you’re a high-performer, over-worker, over-optimist, or jackdaw, you have the ability to limit and replace your procrastination habit and launch your business and your life to new heights.

Remain aware of the tasks you most often procrastinate and learn which ones require more discipline or even delegation. Sometimes, you’re just not the person for the job, so get someone else to do it.

Ultimately, the only person in your way is yourself, so get out of your own way and go achieve some goals!

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