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PODCAST: George Blakeway – Small Business And The High Performance Team

On this episode of the Saturday Strategy Podcast:

On this episode of Saturday Strategy, host Johnny Themans welcomes George Blakeway, Owner of The Fruitful Toolbox, which helps business owners create real, sustainable, behavioural and cultural change, develop world class leaders and managers, and transform organisational performance using Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviours.

Do you want to learn how to manage your team better and be the best leader you can be? George is here to talk about his strategic framework for team development and team management, as well as the advantages of his recently developed diagnostic team culture tool, Team Performance Scan. George also describes the critical roles of culture, recruitment, and skills-based development in building and retaining a successful team.

“We need to invest a bit more time and thought in: How do I get the most out of encouraging people to collaborate and to actually feel a sense of collectiveness?”  – George Blakeway

If you’re interested in improving the performance of your team and your organisation, tune in to learn the strategic tools and tactics that will help you become a better leader.

Team Performance Scan

  • Team Performance Scan is a tried and tested tool which enables teams to reach their full potential and deliver enhanced results
  • TPS measures the 10 key themes of team performance and highlights strengths and areas for development
  • TPS then suggests course of action to work on which will improve development areas
  • TPS tracks improvement over time to maintain focus and measure your return on your investment

To learn more about Team Performance Scan, visit: www.team-performance-scan.com/about

About George:

George Blakeway is a learning and development consultant, as well as the owner and Managing Director of The Fruitful Group and The Fruitful Toolbox. Working with some of the highest performing teams in both sport and business, George and his team have developed the Team Performance Scan. This powerful tool helps us measure, improve and track the success of our team as we strive to realise our business ambitions.

You can connect with George:

Connect with George on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/george-blakeway-b5560016

To learn more about The Fruitful Toolbox, visit: www.thefruitfultoolbox.com

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