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PODCAST: Sophie Walton – B2B Advertising Success On Facebook For Small Companies

On this episode of the Saturday Strategy Podcast:

On this episode of Saturday Strategy, host Johnny Themans welcomes Sophie Walton, a brand and social media expert, e-commerce and lead generation Facebook Ads marketer.

Sophie is the Founder of 3twleve, a talented, experienced team of marketing professionals on a mission to create impactful brands and marketing campaigns.

Facebook Ads for B2B leads

Did you know that Facebook is a great source of highly valuable and qualified leads for B2B companies? Sophie is here to talk about why your business could benefit from improving lead generation and marketing on Facebook. In the interview, she covers four steps you should take to successfully market your business with Facebook Ads.

  1. Techniques on how to identify your advertising audience so you put your ads in front of the right people.
  2. Selecting the right ad format including video, images, carousels, slideshows, messenger ads etc.
  3. Ways to offer attractive incentives to customers in your marketing.
  4. Optimising your campaigns so you really hit the mark.

“Whether you’re coming from a B2C or a B2B angle, Facebook Ads is a great platform to shout about your business, for sure.”                                                – Sophie Walton

Ready to showcase your small business in front of a large audience?

Tune in to learn how!

To learn more about 3twelve, visit: www.3twelve.co.uk

About Sophie

Sophie Walton helps SME businesses refine their brand and social media marketing strategies according to their business objectives and ideal target audience. Her business, 3Twelve, also strategises, sets up and manages lead generation and e-comm Facebook campaigns that generate leads, sales, and drive business growth.

She is passionate about branding, social media and Facebook advertising. And she loves seeing the teams that she works with get excited about creative design, compelling social media content and leads and sales being generated through marketing activity to help their business flourish.

Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sophie-walton-3877b221

Connect with Sophie

Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sophie-walton-3877b221

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