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One Giant Step: Achieving Supernumerary Status in Your Business

The growth journey of a business typically follows a cycle: starting up, early growth, aspiring, and finally, achieving. Each stage brings its own set of challenges.

Aspiring businesses are those that are actually doing pretty well – employing people, having a loyal customer base, making ok profits, etc. To many people, this sounds pretty comfortable, but there’s a catch and I have discussions about this all the time.

At this stage, life for the business owner is all-encompassing. Everything seems to revolve around them, and they know they’re the sole point of failure. The dream here? It’s to reach a point where you become supernumerary to the business – where it runs for you, not because of you. It’s the age-old challenge of being able to work on the business instead of being stuck working in it.

So, why do so many struggle to achieve this and unlock real growth and freedom? The answer isn’t as complicated as you might think, but yes, it can be tough.

Becoming supernumerary in your business involves a few key steps:

  1. Take Stock of Your Current Responsibilities:

    • Figure out all the tasks and duties you handle in your business.
    • Sort these tasks by importance, urgency, and the skills they demand.

  2. Outline Processes and Workflows:

    • Write down detailed guidelines for every task and process in your business.
    • Lay out step-by-step procedures and best practices for your team to follow.

  3. Delegate and Empower Your Team:

    • Spot capable individuals in your team to whom you can assign tasks.
    • Provide training, resources and support to ensure they grasp their new responsibilities.
    • Encourage them to make decisions independently within their roles.

  4. Streamline with Systems and Automation:

    • Invest in software or tools that can automate repetitive tasks.
    • Use project management and communication tools to make workflows smoother among team members.

  5. Recruit and Nurture Talent:

    • Bring in skilled individuals to fill any gaps in your team.
    • Cultivate a culture of ongoing learning and development to enhance your employees’ skills.

  6. Set Clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

    • Establish measurable KPIs for each department or team member.
    • Regularly check these metrics to ensure the business stays on course.

  7. Craft Decision-Making Frameworks:

    • Develop guidelines and structures for decision-making to empower your team to make informed choices without constant supervision.

  8. Define Boundaries and Prioritise:

    • Identify tasks that only you can handle due to their strategic nature.
    • Set limits for yourself and learn to decline tasks that don’t align with your priorities.

  9. Gradually Step Back:

    • Begin reducing your involvement in day-to-day operations and slowly hand off responsibilities to your team.
    • Keep an eye on progress and offer guidance when needed, without micromanaging
    • You may need to consider investing in your own leadership skills at this stage.

  10. Focus on Strategy and Growth:

    • Once you’ve successfully delegated most operational tasks, shift your focus to strategic planning, business development, and innovative growth initiatives.
    • Invest time in exploring new opportunities and expanding the business creatively.

  11. Review and Adjust:

    • Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the changes you’ve implemented.
    •.Support and your team and provide leadership to ensure it stays focussed on day-to-day excellence as well as hitting goals for growth and improved profitability.
    • Make alterations to workflows, team structures, or processes as necessary for ongoing efficiency and growth.

Remember, becoming supernumerary demands courage, a shift in mindset and a willingness to trust and empower your team. It’s an ongoing process that involves constant improvement and adapting to the evolving needs of your business.

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