How unremarkable actions executed with remarkable consistency will deliver remarkable results…

It’s sometimes tempting to think that you can save time and cut corners in your business. This is done with good intentions in the belief that you’ll have time to “start doing thing properly” later when the business grows. Or perhaps when things improve and life gets back to normal.

Developing good habits from the very beginning will have a more significant effect on where you end up than you might imagine.

In the early days, the narrow competitive edge gained from “doing things right” is almost imperceptible, but as time goes on and these good habits become embedded, you start to feel the benefit as the narrow edge starts to widen. 

Conversely, the same is true of developing bad habits but rather than feeling your narrow competitive edge widening, you’ll notice the challenge of realising operational efficiencies become ever more challenging and seemingly unattainable.

In the words of entrepreneurial guru, Jim Rohn, “You don’t fail overnight; failure is a few errors, repeated everyday”.

This is illustrated clearly in this diagram that I recently sketched out for a client to illustrate the gap between consistently doing the right things and consistently doing the wrong things.

Put yourself at the “DAY ONE” position and think about where you want to be in 3 to 5 years time.

Do you want to be like business-A, who started out with these small, unremarkable actions, executed consistently well to ultimately deliver extraordinary results, or like business-B who will continually ‘fall short’ and, at best, bump along bottom?

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