Meet Tom – he’s a “Typical Owner Manager” (You probably know him already!)

Tom was 34 when he finally realised that his job working as a production manager at Deadend Ltd wasn’t taking him anywhere. He’d worked his fingers to the bone and seen little of the reward. That said, he’d acquired a great set of skills and knew he was an expert in his field. 

That was when he met Mary and Clive. They all decided the time was right to strike out on their own and start their business, Infinite Possibilities Ltd

Now, 5 years later things are interesting…

The company’s grown to £500k turnover per year and it’s profitable. They employ 4 staff. Tim is earning less than he was at DeDeadend but at least ‘he’s his own boss!’

Margins are ok but there are competitors out there charging more. Mary is brilliant at networking and selling the company, but recently they’ve had trouble converting some leads – which is surprising considering how competitive they are…

Tom is feeling particularly stressed because their main customer has asked them to make a proposal for how they intend to cope with the increased business that they will be generating in the next three years and how they intend to build capacity. He thinks they’re looking to team up with someone bigger!

Tom has a pile of paperwork on his desk, hundreds of unanswered emails, one of the staff has just asked for a pay-rise and Clive has just announced that he wants to retire in two years. This has annoyed Mary because Clive is responsible for production and she feels he should be more focussed on resolving customer issues and finding ways to avoid all the reworking they’ve been doing lately. Meanwhile, Tim’s wife has just suggested they book to go on a cruise for two weeks because she’s worried he’s working too hard.

Most people look at Tim and think he’s amazing and some people even think he’s lucky having achieved so much…

Tim’s in bed!

  • It’s 2:30am and he’s staring at the cracks in his bedroom ceiling…
  • He’s sure there’s something he’s missed.
  • Now – look in a mirror – do you recognise any of Tim in the reflection you’re looking at?

We meet people like Tom every day and find that the sleep comes easier and the workload lightens when we help them to plan effectively for sustainable profitable growth… We have a whole host of events, seminars and workshops or can arrange one-to-one meetings to support business owners. Many of these are funded. 

Important Disclaimer:

All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are almost fictitious. Identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is entirely intended and should be inferred. No animals were harmed in the production of this story. For the avoidance of doubt – this disclaimer is just a bit of fun. The cracks in Tim’s ceiling are real…

What Next:

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