In part three of this five-week sales focus blog series, we will look at how we can add a little pizazz to our sales and marketing. Whilst it’s ultimately what we say that counts, it’s how we say it that determines whether anybody listens.

We promise not to steer you towards silly gimmicks or tricks. Instead, we will look at real and proven techniques that will help you be seen and heard above all others and to ensure you can be more attractive to your prospective customers.

Elmer Wheeler (1903 to 1968), Author, Speaker, Sales Expert and often described as the greatest sales person in the world created the five Wheelerpoints:
1. Don’t sell the steak – sell the sizzle!
2. Don’t write – telegraph.
3. Say it with flowers.
4. Don’t ask if – as which! (questions)
5. Watch your bark.

Wheelerpoints number 3: Say it with flowers!

Back up your words with actions and gestures.”      – Elmer Wheeler

Why flowers? We tell ourselves that we make logical decisions when we make purchases, but really, the decision to buy is emotionally-driven. We might use logic to arrive at our decision, but we experience an emotional shift in the process.

How much of the joy of getting a new iPhone would be lost if it came in a paper bag? Part of getting a new cell phone is the unboxing experience with the crisp new box, screen protector, etc. That experience evokes emotion within us.

Think about a time you bought something from an artisan or craftsman who made that item with passion. It’s infectious, isn’t it? Contrast that with thinking about how underwhelming the experience would be if the seller was apathetic, or even grumpy! Which would you prefer?

The point being made comes back to the fact that people don’t really know or care what you do, it’s who you are and how you and your message come across to your audience.

WARNING: Don’t say it with flowers if it’s not genuine. Consumers can smell fakeness and it ruins the purchasing experience.

Think about your service or product. What are your critical non-essentials? These aren’t the key features or benefits, these are the small bits that truly make your product/service special and have the potential to evoke emotion in your customers. If you don’t have any, think about what you could do to create those special bits.

Build an Audience

We’ve all seen the energetic demonstrations of people using handy kitchen gadgets, right? Think about their demonstration techniques. They don’t sell until there’s a curious audience or crowd around them.

They show you exactly what you need to know to make an informed (and emotionally-driven) purchase decision. They also have a strong finish, often with some special deal to keep you enticed and push you over the edge so that you pounce on their product. It’s hypnotizing!

Ways you can build an audience:

  • Product demos/Test drive

  • Open days

  • Seminars/Courses

  • Blogs

  • Videos

  • Podcasts

  • Going live on social media – plus more…

Challenge: How can you best build an audience around your product or service?

As business owners and sellers, we must understand this concept of “saying it with flowers” and put it into action. Now that you have a grasp on what makes your product/service special and how you can attract an audience, you can go build that audience up and get them to buy, buy, buy!

What Next:

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