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#11: Connecting through the Lockdown

Jill Chitty - LinkedIn Expert and Trainer

As a former actor and LinkedIn evangelist, Jill really understands people and the importance of establishing meaningful online connections during the COVID-19 isolation period.

In this show, she shares her expertise on how to adapt our businesses to this changing context by re-evaluating our marketing strategies and taking our clients from fear to hope. She emphasises the importance of empathy and emotional understanding/ support throughout this time and navigates us on how to ‘be the life raft’ for our customers.

Links mentioned in the interview:

Contact details for Jill:

Email – Twitter – @JillChitty LinkedIn –       

What is the Saturday Strategy podcast?

Saturday Strategy Podcast

All too often, whilst we’re running our businesses, we’re just too busy to learn everything we need to learn. And the upshot of this is that staying ahead of the curve is just about impossible.

That’s why we’ve developed  this practical business strategy podcast for business owners. We aim to provide you with regular bite-sized easy access to carefully chosen experts. We can then rely on them to solve this problem by telling us what we need to know – so we can cut through the crap and get on with growing our business…

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#9: Grow your business with effective networking

Michele Ibbs AKA The Networking Queen - I'm your PA

This is a must-listen for all business owners who already network and want to be better, who have tried and abandoned it as a strategy and for those yet to dip their toe in the water of networking. Michele Ibbs (AKA “The Networking Queen”) founded I’m Your PA as a novice business person in 2007. Very early on, she was introduced to networking and quickly caught on to the fact that it could provide her with a constant flow of new business. Now, 13 years later, her company doesn’t advertise and all new business comes from recommendation and networking. In fact, in 2019, I’m Your PA generated £162,000 of new business from one single network group.

Michele tells us how she was frustrated by poor networkers who didn’t get results and immediately blamed networking or the specific network group. She recognised that to be successful requires a specific set of skills that need constant honing so, in 2015, she set up the UK Networking Community to give business owners and consumers an online space to network that is not driven by sales alone. She shares her knowledge in the art of Networking and stresses the importance of engaging in both online and face-to-face networking.

You can find her at – / or visit Facebook and search for ‘The UK Networking Community’


#8: How to get more from your digital marketing efforts

Helen Culshaw - Ascendancy Marketing

If you have any internet marketing presence, then there are gems in this episode to help you get more from your efforts. Helen Culshaw, owner of Ascendancy Internet Marketing, is a Google expert and she shares insights into how her company helps business owners improve the returns from their marketing spend.

Paradoxically, we discuss almost nothing relating to using Google ads. Instead, Helen gives us an ‘under the bonnet’ insight into what to do with traffic once is arrives at your site… In other words, it isn’t about how you get people to your website… The biggest gains for most of us exist in what we do with people once they get there. Helen tells us about having focussed calls to action (CTA’s) and telling people about these on targeted landing pages…

#7: How to and why to create killer content in your marketing

Kim Gilmour Connect Marketing

An introduction to content marketing:

What it is, how to do it and why it matters…

Everyone needs quality content – for your web pages, your social media posts, your newsletters, articles and blogs. Good content is so important – it’s why marketers still say Content is King.
Kim tells us why, it’s quality over quantity, make your content interesting, helpful, entertaining or educational. Hook the readers in and give them some top tips, tell a story, get that emotional connection, help solve a problem or give then a real insight with relevant information.

Your content can, of course, be written or an inspirational image, Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform. YouTube is a great platform and podcasts are very popular for busy people who like to listen on the go.

Six reasons why you need killer content:

Improve your SEO and website rankings
To showcase your business
To establish your credibility and reinforce your brand
To target different channels and audiences
To create a library of material
To generate leads and sales

All this is covered in Kim’s recent blog called ‘Creating Killer Content’

You can contact Kim on 07870 541 726


Twitter: @KimGConnect

LinkedIn: kimgilmourconnectmarketing

#6: How to adapt your business to be relatable to Generation Z

If your target market is under 25, if you want to recruit people under 25 or if you just want to start to learn how your business is going to have to adapt.
In this episode we think about how to ensure we are relevant and accessible to young people – The people we refer to as Generation Z or Gen-Z. The oldest of this generation are now around 25 years old and firmly established in the workplace. They are our new customers, suppliers and colleagues of today…
Our expert guest, Gemma Hallett, shares some amazing insights – she’s run at this challenge head on and has really captured the secret recipe to how to make her business work for this age group.
There are really valuable lessons for us all on how to relate best to our target markets and how to be “easy to buy from”

Check out Gemma’s business at

You can reach out and contact her via email:
or connect on LinkedIn:

#5: Finding the right people to help my business scale...

Sarah Bishop - long serving recruitment specialist and owner of RecruitRecruit

Sarah Bishop – long serving recruitment specialist and owner of RecruitRecruit – provides guidance and tips to help us business owners to be more effective recruiters by answering the question, “ow do I scale the people side of my business so that it enables my growth ambitions…

The first thing is to understand who or what your business needs:

List everything that needs doing now (tasks and projects) List everything that needs to be achieved (goals) List everything that needs doing in the future to achieve the goals (your people requirement) Create a current organisation chart (this might be just one box right now!) Then (with your three list of tasks, projects and goals) create a future organisation chart…

Useful links:

Values based assessment tool:

Preferred behaviour assessment tool:

Sarah’s contact details:

01902 763006

#4: Apprenticeships & training for your small company

Business Development Manager, Sam Shaw from SBC Training​

For all businesses, it’s difficult to know where to start when hiring a new member of staff and often the thought of hiring an apprentice is too complicated and daunting to consider. How do you know where to start? 

Sam Shaw from SBC Training helps us to understand the ups and downs of employing apprentices and what benefits there are for small companies.

#3: Alternative media for your marketing content

Seasoned broadcast professional, Nick Margerrison talks about podcasting

Seasoned broadcast professional, Nick Margerrison, shares his insights into how to create great marketing content using the spoken word.

Right from the basic concept of what a Podcast actually is, through to how and why you can exploit this media in your business. Nick understands the trends and explains how ‘narrowcasting’ is challenging general interest broadcast radio. Is shows us how this media can reach highly targeted audiences and how it can be highly engaging by being valuable and relevant to the audience.

He gives presentation tips and helps us to “Get out of our own way” so we can focus on the ‘audience of one’ to earn their trust and to keep their attention.

Nick is currently immersed in a project promoting medical education called TopMedTalk (

That said, he has offered to talk to anyone interested in launching or improving their own podcast – drop him a line at


#2: Branding is more than a logo

Tristan King of Voodoo Design


In this show we talk Branding with Tristan King.

Tristan has over three decades experience – helping companies give the right impression via the fields of graphics, publishing, advertising, marketing, branding and illustration for an extremely wide range of industries.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why graphic design done right, will help make a great first impression
  • How to achieve recognition just through consistency
  • With some brilliant tips on how to self check the quality of your existing branding

Check out his work at Voodoo Design.

#1: Perception & stress - business owners survival tips

Dominic Borsberry of Me Myself & Mind


In this show Dominic Borsberry a Conditioning Neuroscientist and Trainer at Me myself and Mind discusses perception and stress with podcast host Johnny. 

Dominic provides simple steps that we can all take and practice at home to improve self-esteem and ultimately our productivity. You’ll no longer be filled with dread when your next invited to a networking meeting.

The show references:

Clive Woodward’s book Winning!

Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dennis Waitly’s book The New Dynamics of Winning

You can learn more about Dominic here:

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