Sometimes we are so fixated on achieving perfection – on having all our ‘ducks lined up’ – that it stops us from ever getting going. We become stifled by perfection and end up paralysed and unable to get our next great idea off the ground.

Dont let perfect get in the way of good

Whilst it’s nice to get things right first time – things also need refining along the way. Take this picture – which is the very first ‘Subway’ outlet. It looks pretty dreadful doesn’t it? 

The 17-year-old Connecticut entrepreneur who started Subway didn’t procrastinate and worry that this isn’t right and that isn’t right. He didn’t wait until he got all that signage just perfect. He got on with it! Now there are 37,000 Subway outlets worldwide – pursuit of perfection isn’t a one off exercise; it’s a continuous process (evolution!)

In your business, your most valuable assets are your ideas, your passion, energy and enthusiasm – you need to look after them. If you’ve got an idea? Work on it a bit and then implement it! You can be pretty sure the next guy will do if you don’t.

Like the first Subway – the ideas and presentation can always be refined later along the line – but the here and now – and getting started is what it’s all about.

Here is a scary statistic: 90% of businesses fail to get started because people get too bogged down and ‘sweat the detail’, and in the end they can’t get past this detail and get going.

So what are you waiting for? Either; let perfection get in the way of good – or start shaping your world and, as Nike would say – “Just Do it”.

What Next:

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