Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Business – Where do I start?

There are hundreds of marketing channels available and a multitude of companies offering to run them for you. From print to social media, advertisements to banner ads, it’s confusing and difficult to know where to start!  Anna from Good2Great’s Marketing Team has a top tip for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Marketing problems for SME's

It’s common for small and medium sized businesses to have “a one man marketing team”. If this is you, you’ll know marketing when you’re a small team can be a challenge. Scott Brink founder of the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog reported that by spring 2019 there were 7,040 marketing technology solutions available and it’s only set to grow…

Digital Marketing Trends. Martech. 2001-2019.

And this is just the Digital Marketing landscape! Remarkable really when you consider when first reported in 2011 this figure was just 150!

So, where should start and what should you do?

My advice is a two phase attack, based around the idea that;

  • ‘Content is King’ and
  • ‘If you’re going to do something, do one thing well’.

How does this translate into your marketing plan?

Lead Magnets in the form of whitepapers, brochures and infographics have been around for a while. If you’re a small business you should spend some time thinking about what your key product / service is and create one piece of content around this to share with the world.

Your content doesn’t need to be a sales catalogue or a fancy price list, think outside of the box. Why not produce an infographic giving a summary of a key piece of information relevant to your industry and your customers? Updating it annually will result in your current customers and potential leads regarding you as an up-to-date industry expert.

Got the content sorted, now make a marketing plan!

Once you’ve produced your content it’s time to create a marketing plan around it.

Find out where your customers are and share it with them – every business is unique so one plan won’t fit all. When you’ve cracked it – plan to update your content and do it all again the next year!

If ‘Content is King’ make sure yours wears a crown

What Next:

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