In business we’re always looking to win the hearts and minds of prospects to help us sustain growth and realise our dreams, our ambitions. 

To achieve this, we can’t afford to be shy and we need to be prepared to confidently ‘set our stall out’ to attract new customers.

It’s amazing though how often this opportunity is wasted as businesses break the rule of ‘ridiculous opposites’

To illustrate this, we Googled ‘Customer Service Charters’ and this was on page one…

(the company can remain anonymous)

the law of ridiculous opposites

Take a moment to read it – everything seems perfectly reasonable and sensible. That is until you consider the opposite (we put them in red just to illustrate the point).

The opposite makes no sense. It’s probably safe to assume that no competitors are setting out to deliver those levels of care, in which case, this statement serves no valuable purpose except to waste the prospect’s valuable time.

Much better to provide a case study and a testimonial to demonstrate the levels of service and maybe describe a quality system that you have invested in that provides customers with a benefit they don’t normally expect. You might even focus in on the amazing quality of your people to set you apart – whatever you shout about though, make sure that the opposite is not ridiculous…

Why not take a few moments to review what you’re saying to your customers…

These basic principles of business are straight forward but often easy to miss and failing to get them right can be very damaging. The development of good ideas is important but please don’t forget to ensure you execute the plan brilliantly as well.

If you need help with this – don’t hesitate to get in touch – we always strive to offer the very best advice possible (irony intended!)

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